Friday, December 09, 2011

Stylish Christmas Gift Guide 2011

Christmas shopping for 2011 is upon us.  It's make or break time.  But we don't always have to endure the pain of shopping centres and crowds.

Here are my top picks for Christmas 2011:

1. Detox Foot Patches

2. Jimmy Choo Perfume

3. Sheridan Beach Towel

4. Ladybug Handbag Hook

5. Srixon Q Star Golf Ball

6. Bionic Gardening Gloves

7. Star Wars Poster

8. Heller Personal Fan

9. Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts

10. Beach Bag


  1. I'll take everything except the gloves and golfballs - you can have those :)

  2. @Kath - The golfballs are mine! All mine Muhahaha!!


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