Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Gift Picks for All

For the home:

I love these. It's kind of bean bag meets The Flintstones.

For the designer freak (I mean aficionado!):

I understand and believe in the quest for short run items and handmade goods. Quality rather than quantity. I also believe that there is an upper limit for what things are actually worth. A reasonably priced designer item can last for decades and provide the wearer with much happiness during this time. I just wouldn't pay $700 for a handbag. Call me weird but I really don't think any handbag is worth that much. These cute canvas bags are selling for $58 and are made by Pedido Tabique.

For the dot com mogul:

This is sooo nerdy that I had to include it. Is it an icon? Is it a usb drive?

Or perhaps you're a sushi person...

Colourful, fun and best of all silly, these usb drives are both lunch and storage. What more could you need?

For the beauty product nut:

These lip gloss sliding lip tins come in seven flavours and fit neatly in a purse or handbag.

I hope these ideas are a starting point to get you inspired for the coming season of giving!


  1. The photos are really nice...
    Thanks for the post...


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